Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Black Hair Color

black hair color funkyIf you want to look like the real Elvis Presley, it is best to start with straight hair or slightly wavy. His jet-black hair color was actually because he had blond hair naturally. The king used the blue-black hair color, but everything should be relatively dark credible. You can either use color to make a living, or in most pharmacies to sell a box of hair dye. If you can do in a salon are to a picture of Elvis, who turn to what you want is to get another. In this way, the hairdresser can also cut hair in his style.

To put the finishing touches on the Elvis hair, shave and you need to trim sideburns. While Elvis favorites were increasingly in the course of his career, they were never neglected. Once you shave and shape, how long or big favorites, you want to be you, take a good pair of scissors and cut their long hair to an acceptable appearance. After these five steps will you take the hair canal of Elvis to get close as you can.

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