Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Dark Brown Hair

long dark brown hairFirst, take note of where the highlights are. With black hair, the highlights are often blue. With dark brown hair, the highlights of his straw-colored or yellow / orange.

Now set the tone and light areas with the highlight color you see in your hair or your model in your reference photo. Remember, keep it light and do ensure that you are not over-paint it. They all give the impression that healthy shiny hair. (You can narrow the highlight color at the end of the picture when you need it.)

Do not forget to leave your paper is very dry before you start painting underwash next.

Now you have an abundance of colors, which were under your black shades to be created. This is done by creating a sham. There are many reasons - too many to write here. You must trust me in this case, you will see black and dark brown all over, you have to paint on a surface transparent yellow. Depending on the depth of darkness - sometimes I paint three washes of transparent yellow for the construction of a good depth of color. Now you are ready to paint your black / dark brown hair.

The figure below is an example of Dark Brown Hair

dark brown hair color Dark Brown Hair Dark Brown Hair Selena Gomez dark brown hair hair highlights for dark brown hair Lauren Conrad new dark brown hair Dark Brown Hair dark brown hair only pic is my hair light brown or dark blonde

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